Flag ka-tet on November 16, If anyone thinks I’m wrong; that the lyric is something different, please let me know. Flag Hastic on October 10, There was an error. A lot of his lyrical content is about the behavior of people in his life in the context of people not being who they say they are or being hypocrites, or fakes.

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General Comment I look at the lyrics and think about the huge fires that took their reign over California last year. I think this line is the key to the meaning of this song if any.

Devildriver – Clouds Over California – Vidéo dailymotion

User does not exist. In every DevilDriver album, you will find at least one song that is clearly about how some people are total fucking liars, cheats, abusers, etc. DevilDriver — Clouds Over California.

Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! I’ve seen many liner notes with typos.

I’m think they’re, giving out the message for the youth of California to follow the word of the fallen angel, and to spread the chaos throughout society. Flag sokorny on May 30, Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. No Replies Log in to reply. It happens all the time.


Devildriver – Clouds Over California

It shows that they actually have rhythm and skill. I don’t think this song is about the “demise of friendship” as Sonic Raider said, or about a devildeiver social standard in California. In fact, on Live’s second album “Secret Samadhi”, Ed Kowalczyk says while writing lyrics for the album, he focused on finding words that sound good together, have the right syllables and fit the song, with no specific meaning or idea behind them.

My Interpretation If that’s the way it’s gonna be Then I’ll fuckin go it alone! Ironically, the last line is the one missing line.

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Hastic interesting take on the lyrics. Why not add your own? Always good to hear different opinions. If you have the actual liner notes, that would be even better.

I’ve heard he said it’s about marijuana legalization but that’s not the DevilDriver I know. Rich little middle-class emo Dez and his ipod skater gang.? Even somebody like Snoop Dogg, whose house was burned down, I think.


We do not have any tags for Clouds Over California lyrics. Ironic as it may sound.

Don’t call me anymore. Sometimes they come out in the wrong order, or sometimes they are utter nonsense, but they just work with the song. Otherwise, you’d be hard pressed to find anything, in any cailfornia, that could be definitive of a song’s meaning.

General Comment i dunno about what sonic raider said but at ozzfest last year dez said that the song was about marijuana being legalized in california?

Now he’s living in a dogbox at the local pound. What does the song mean to you? Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Even the titles of their songs are deliberately misleading: Add your thoughts 12 Comments. Flag ka-tet on November 16,