The battery is not available as an external spare part, the navigator must be sent in for repair, you will get a estimate of the intervention as soon as the device is tested in the lab. For this operation you need a memory card reader. Connect the Navigator to the PC 3. Press Home again and start the calibration procedure using the tip of a pen or pencil to run more accurately. Browse for the desired image and click “open”.

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The touch screen is not precise, what can I do?

AvMap support: FAQ

TAB file, delete it 4. Charge for about 4 hours. Turn on the device by holding the first two keys from the bottom, keep them pressed until the System Test page appears. Open the menu and choose the exact model of your Device; you will enter in the page whith the Geosat Upload file. Connect the Navigator to the PC 3.

Search in all FAQs: Is my navigator compatible with aeronautical or marine charts? Product Funcionalities Troubleshooting Updates.

If you have a Geopilot 2 or 2 plus you can choose anyway geosat 4 Travel, the drivers and Update files are the same. Search Filter Insert the product code Send 0. How can I change the welcome image in my Geosat? This may be because countries are in written the database with their native language name: Changing the welcome picture is simple!


AvMap Travle cards cannot be duplicated or modified, if your memory card is damaged, please contact AvMap technical support. Touch with the tip of the pen in the exact centre of the cross that appears in the lower left corner.

The optimal format is: After the update the navigator shows the message “Worldwide background missing”, what can I do? This procedure is very simple; insert the travvel SD card into the device and proceed with the software update procedure: Press OK and then turn off the device. Subscribe to our newsletter Not a customer?

AvMap Geosat 4 TRAVEL Europe User Manual

Save before all your userdatas into FIle manager toavoid to loose them during the software update. The effective and complete charging cannot be performed while the navigator is on and operating in the car.

The cross moves, continue to perform the same procedure until the test screen appears. Series Terrestrial products Geosat 6 series.


Why can’t I find a European state name in my European map? Use your finger to press geossat any sequence, the five squares that appear on the screen.

I have bought a new SD card, when I insert it in the navigator I get the “Device not present” message. Please check that the power cable is plugged into the correct input on the back of the device, next to the USB. The battery life of the device should be about 30 to 40 minutes. A preview will be shown. Subscribe to the AvMap newsletter and receive updates about new products and special promotions.

Terrestrial home

For this operation you need a memory card reader. How can I change the battery of my navigator? Save the image you would like to have as a welcome on your PC.