For me DriverType 2 is working fine on Windows, following the next steps: If you are using the microsoft driver, you need to use sqljdbc4. As i mentioned in the other post, you can use the type 4 driver unless you need XA support unless the 9. We cant use type 2. Class name is wrong or classpath is not set for:

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Initial and Minimum Pool Size Set a zero value on this parameter. My goodness, I have had a helluva time getting to this point but I have finally one it. Currently this file is called mysql-connector-java Notice that password is stored unencrypted. Java DB is based upon Apache Derby. You have now a connection pool called MyDatabase.

We need to use type 4. You are commenting using your WordPress.

How to setup a JDBC connection in Glassfish | Computing @ 40’s

Set the next additional properties: Email required Address never made public. We cant use type 2. Subcommands glasssfish the asadmin Utility. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I used root and no password. Create a connection pool with the following properties: This is only necessary if Java DB is configured to use authentication.


DataSource Glaassfish am getting the following error when I click on the Ping button com. So, I will directly create a database and two tables in this database: I guess there is no error handling or something. Search everywhere only in this topic.

Additionally, in order for the transaction manager to recover transactions, the JDBC connection pool’s database user must be given certain Oracle permissions:. The database is called booreg The code for creating this tables is: Thank you Dani for posting this up.

IBM DB2 Database Type 2 JDBC Driver (Oracle GlassFish Server Administration Guide)

Make sure you have the library in a directory somewhere Make sure you set the java. I had to put the. You will see now a Ping button to test if you have done well the previous steps. Configure the connection pool using the following settings:.

In reply to this post by glassfish To disable this GlassFish Server workaround, the oracle-xa-recovery-workaround property value must be set to false. I downloaded Payara fish server as someone advised and made sure the connector driver was loaded into the correct directory and bingo. ddb2


DB2 Connection Pool

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The driver is trying to load a native library called db2jcct2 – that will be in a file called db2jcct2. Notice that all connection will use the same user. Here’s a link to an article in spanish, but may be useful: Email Required, but never shown. Configure the connection pool using the following settings: