Still getting the ClassNotFoundException. Where is located your sql server? My JDBC is erroring. Yeah I have the drivers in there. Now edit the ROOT. My company has a enterprise level web-app that targets SQL Server.

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Learn more about AUGs. Also, does anyone know if an entire packet is sent i. As activity subsides, connections are supposed to be dropped down to the minimum number of 4 connections which are maintained open java.lang.classnotfoundeexception.


BaseDriver” if ti say Class cannot found,it come to know that your classpath setting was wrong. The javadoc for statement. I hope that somebody finds this useful and that the development team will adjust the javadocs or the behavior. Cannot resolve reference to bean ‘liferaySessionFactory’ wh ile setting bean property ‘sessionFactory’; nested exception is org. I have populated the database using the create-sql-server. I’d recommend you trying to connect directly via DriverManager.

Newbie to liferay, have downloaded the liferay tomcat jdk1. The error is in your JDBC path. Do i also, need to set the class path to the driver. November 15, at 1: July 26, at I keep comm.icrosoft.jdbc.base.basedriver “java. SQLServerDriver include the driver jar on the buildpath.



Can you explain all the steps you have done to try and connect to SQL Server. There’s a helpful link that I can suggest to go through, where there are many remedies given to resolve the issue that you are facing: Have you tried a newer version? ExceptionInInitializerError [java] at com.

If you can post this question on either the newsgroup or forum with additional app configuration, the Java environment settings, and the class name you are using, there will be a broader set of people in the community to help answer your question. The steps i used to get ms sql server to work are as follows: I was wondering ifanyone knows what the default prefetch size is in number of rows. The target server must be SQL Server or later.

But, now i am unable to signin? At least I don’t have that in my classpath and it’s all fine. A new year a new set of opportunities await but with that comes a new set of cha We use a seperate pool of autocommit-offconnections for writes, and autocommit-on connecions for reads So, then, my question – in your expert opinion – what is the BESTdriver from SQL Server given the following needs: Now it tells me SQL Server 7 is not supported.


Step one is to create a database called lportal.

SQLServerDr iver [java] at java. When i execute startup. Any thought would be greatly appreciated.

Its very urgent to me please reply. But still at run time i get the exception java. Take a look at this page, quite large and complex, but worth reading