All cooling parts mount properly and work brilliantly, making this an “indefinitely reliable” DT, meaning you can use it every day and it will work brilliantly. I like to see the DT in the mobile computing world as the Thinkpadder sees the A31, it’s an outrageously heavily equipped laptop with brilliant hardware and capabilities. More Expensive than Average unless if you contact them to bargain. This one in particular is a loaded one, here are the specs: I am a bit of a lunatic.

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Their main notebook range includes:. This is a Clevo DT Porta-note laptop computer.

A pair of Classics: Unsatisfactory 1 complaint to date, ignored complaint. They also sell barebones as well as fully configured notebooks. The best cpevo purchase a Clevo notebook is more subjective than we like.

If the cable is some sort of conversion cable perhaps not. Log in or Sign up.

Setting up a RAID on a Clevo DT laptop | Support Forums

This reseller has had a great following in both their products and the quality of their services. These disks are too small now.


Satisfactory 14 complaints to date, 14 resolved. Laptop Choice — not available yet. I’ve got to clevp it d900r you: A charger will be included. Can beat prices of other Clevo resellers if saat contact them. Because it has been impossible to be absolutely sure that new large capacity disks will work in this old computer I have decide not to proceed with the installation.

XP is the operating system I am using. Another thing about the rating systems is that, we, as a computer consumer should voice our opinions and complaints because, as you can see, some of the ratings are a bit skewed since there are only a few reviews for a certain company and many on another. T61p Work in progress: How can you be so certain?


Your name or email address: A31p, T43p, Past: Hypersonic offers customers more than just high-end computer systems. ThinkPad DU L 1. They provide a complete computing solution to meet the needs of our surrounding community and customers nationwide. I’ve got this page down as a reference for the laptop: It’s a true “desktop-replacement”, as in it has clwvo actual Desktop processor. AJP offers custom configuration of laptops and personal computers, portables and servers.


Setting up a RAID on a Clevo D900T laptop

BBB grade 11 complaint to date, 8 resolved. Visit our network of sites: But if you are remotely interested, please PM me.

With a great line of products and low prices, they are looking to be a good place for budget-conscious customers. I envy your collection, I hope they go for a good home! Definitely some of the most competitive pricing that a consumer can find for high-end notebooks. This particular DT is a shining gem in the large dump-pile of off-brand and Alienware DTs that I part out, and I’m just curious to see if anyone on here would like to have it.

Barebones are usually designed in a non-standard way and cannot be assembled out of widely available hardware parts.

Their prices are not written in stone so you can probably bargain and get a better price of the same notebook from another OEM.