When you first install the pump, test the Wave Auto-Tune function, which actually causes a standing wave in the tank. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. Battery Backup Mode Blizzard. Operating on tanks between 20 and gallons and producing between and 3, gallons per hour of flow, the VorTech is the most versatile flow product on the market. After installing, I immediately knew this was a solid piece of equipment. Along with its accurate flow modes, there are three function settings. Choosing the correct water circulation equipment has never been easier.

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Ultimately, the mode and function settings are among the best in the industry.

Your Night Mode setting will be stored for as long as you want or until you cycle power to the pump, at which point you simply program the Night Mode again. Magine to Aquatic Warehouse! While not everyone will appreciate this feature, I find it wonderful for those just starting out in the hobby.

The Vortech MP 40 is the next size up and has an amazing reputation as the go to powerhead for the busiest of Reef tanks.

Short Pulse Mode Allows for wave pulse timings between 0. This can be a lifesaver for novice reefers or for advanced hobbyist to create a custom flow schedule of different flow modes through the day.

VorTech – Propellor Pump

A Pump Disconnect feature automatically shuts down your pump if the dry and wet sides become separated. This slides onto your MP40 wet side and covers the intake sides to keep small fish, anemones and other animals from the impeller. Once you spend time with this device, you really appreciate the level of ingenuity EcoTech Marine distilled in its compact frame. What was once an understood important piece of tank equipment is now regarded as an essential pillar of life for my underwater inhabitants.


Feed Mode At the touch of the button, all VorTech wirelessly enabled pumps will temporarily pause their current mode propellrr idle allowing food to be added to the tank without being cycled into the overflow and filtration. As seen in one of the pics there is elctrical tape on the wire because the rubber was cracking.

Operating on tanks between 20 and gallons and producing between and 3, gallons per hour of flow, the VorTech is the most versatile flow product on the market. When a pump is in Lagoonal Random Mode, the dial is used to set the maximum operational speed, and the driver will automatically randomize the pumps output to simulate either a high Reef-Crest or low Lagoonal energy reef environment. We highlight the different issues common to saltwater and reef aquarium hobbyists, review the gear needed to help you decide if the latest product from your favorite brand is worth it or find alternatives and help you with other questions that you might have on the way to your successful reef tank.

The Art of Flow – EcoTech Marine VorTech QuietDrive Review.

Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. Pump Dry Side fits on the exterior of your tank.

In short, once connected you have access to a web-based information portal. MP 10 and 40 versions available now. From start-to-finish, the entire process was relatively uneventful. The last feature I feel demands discussion is its wireless connectivity.


At The Coral Life we strive to do things different than the other outl The Vortech MP series of powerheads have preprogrammed features to help the user set up the right flow pattern for whatever tank they are designing. The pump will change speed frequently and drastically to simulate crashing waves and surging tide. No distractions from the beauty of the tank and its inhabitants No wires in the aquarium No unwanted heat added to the water column No risk of electrical discharge harming people or marine life No hassle when it comes to installing, relocating or cleaning the power head.

Pump Wet Side installs inside the tank. Auto-Dim LEDs are turned off and display knob dimmed significantly, but pumps functions in its current mode. When turned on, the rim of the control knob changes colors based on settings.

EcoTech Marine VorTech MP40 Propeller Pump with Wireless EcoSmart | Aquarium Shoppe

As masters of replication, we must analyze the impact of natural water currents. Search Search the ecotehc This is link to all my goods list. Even though the size and design of the pump is impressive, the true star of this show is the QD driver. Witeless Account Shopping Cart Checkout. Feed Mode Slows down pump to allow user to feed aquarium. To access this, however, you need to install ReefLink.

Until next time, happy reefing!