When road trips are multi-day affairs and people have commutes that are hours each way mine’s an hour your sense of how long it takes to get from point A to point B gets a little bit stretched. Euros think miles is a long way. Planning on converting both to pfsense and running HA pair for my lab. Anyone know of the best place to pick up a cheap used Firebox that is pfSense compatible? Which isn’t bad if your displayed data doesn’t change ever. Just don’t want to waste my time with it if its not going to be an improvement over my current pfsense box. Good for your municipality to make such a wise decision.

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This one is connected to a cheap 16port table switch but I can’t remember the brand furebox now I’ll try to get back on that later tonight.

Sun Feb 24 It works perfectly on X too. Anyone know of the best place to pick up a cheap used Firebox that is pfSense compatible?

Firebox X Firmware | [H]ard|Forum

Anyway, it can be added to pfsense, maybe in download area for those who got a nice red firebox box i like the color! This is the 2nd socket cpu I have purchased off ebay that doesn’t work wtf? The passmark score was like so not radically lcr, and still better than the original celeron.


They seem to be popular boxes. Dayblade I recently installed a full version of this and would also like to know if this fiirebox ever figured out.

Not OP but I’m running essentially the same box, upgraded 2.

I am also new and interested in getting the LCD to work on my Firebox. So odds are if your Firebox has a 2×20 LCD you might have a chance at being able to do this same upgrade. Booted right up albeit slowly. Welcome to Firebix, the front page of the internet.

Firebox X700 Firmware

The seller has relisted z700 item or one like this. Any chance you tested the power usage on this thing? Mar 2, 2. No, create an account now. I googled the part number but it came up with non-US sites. The only dimensional variance was that the OLED isn’t as proud off the board so it’s a little bit further back from the front panel cover.

Thanks for your time, Jess Dizydiz gmail.

Firebox LCD Driver for LCDProc | Netgate Forum

Yes, my password is: Strange thing is I ran firebox1 on my home network for about 3 hours while installing and configuring it, and did not notice these errors at that time. I don’t have many other ideas, 2 of mine have been up for over a month running a couple ipsec tunnels, carp, squid, squidguard, and handling quite a bit of traffic about voip calls, terminal server sessions, large file transfers, and some web browsing all s700 the same time and it doesn’t seem to slow down at all.


That looks like a pretty cool LCD. Id love to be able to get a cheaper used model and then upgrade it.

Firebox 2 is a full install on a 2. So my problem was a wasted CPU.


If you ever want to make any updates, just email me cmb pfsense. I hope this makes it to a package for the faint of heart! I’ll likely pick up a Pentium-M next to test. I actually ordered it from gsmcentrum.

A package for this would rock too where you can click options and it up via web interface…. I found out after installation that it is not, but didn’t bother reinstalling yet.

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