Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: A closer look at the cooler and the thermal grease. The cooling on the card might not be the most powerful we have seen, but it does its job very well as we will see in the overclocking tests. I just hope it won’t cost an arm and a leg. First of all I must say that the GeForce4 MX based cards can be excellent substitutes for the aging GeForce2 Ti, if it were not much reduced prices for such cards. This is an “under-MX “, that is why the price must be a match. I think you understand that the difference between them is huge although the memory size is the same.

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I said it before a lot of times that such cooling methods can be harmful as the heatsink is not snug against all the chips equally. In spite of the entirely reference design of the Gainward’s solution it comes complete with the faster memory 3.

Gainward NVIDIA Geforce4 MX 64mb AGP Video Card – Gf4mxse | eBay

The tests were carried out in the 32bit mode. Gainwsrd SEK less you can purchase a Radeon which outperforms the Ti 8x in all tests and also boasts features the Ti 8x does not even support. The card possesses all enchanting features, including VIVO.

There are about ten utilities! Although it differs from the GeForce2 MX, but, still, the low effectiveness of the memory throughput makes its effect. The Titanium cards came in three model types named Ti, Ti and Ti Although the capabilities of the MX even with AGP 8x are too modest for modern games, the Leadtek still looks tempting, and if it’s not going to be overpriced, the card will find its customers.


It will be comparable with the today’s MXbecause it is to replace the MX All main characteristics of the card and its accessories are written on the box.

Gainward GeForce 4 MX440/Ti4200 AGP 8X XP

In these gainard we have enabled both FSAA and anisotropic filtering. This is an “under-MX “, that is why the price must be a match.

As for the tested samples, geofrce4 with the ViewSonic P monitor and BNC Bargo cable the cards showed excellent quality at the following resolutions and frequencies: They have a normal nView support, including TV-out. The company has altered not only the design of the box but its appearance as well. As for the MXthis is a good choice for those who don’t need a so modern support of pixel shaders, but who wants dualhead and VIVO.

For example, the Leadtek’s one which is an intermediate stage between the MX and Gainward likes coolers looking like blossoming flowers: There are quite interesting samples among the tested cards. It also concerns the Albatron’s solution though it’s geforve4 with the 3.

Besides, this cooler looks more productive as well. The MXx turned out to geforfe4 one hell of an overclocker but still it was beaten by the Radeon Pro at default settings.

By the way, all these comparisons are included in our 3Digest. Prolink uses a cooling system gforce4 for the chip and memory as the memory has 4ns access time and is clocked at MHz which is higher than the rated frequency. It seems that the company made up for the lacking Video-In with an excellent set of games and other programs.


Gainward supplies with its card the ExpertTool utility which makes adjustments for 2D simpler and also incorporates an overclocker. Although the design of the PCB looks original, the cooler is ordinary.

As usual, The Golden Sample cards have two operating modes: The geforce from Albatron has become a symbol of this company: We also would like to mention that both of these cards are available in less exclusive editions for a lower price, but then you have to miss out on the extra accessories and often the “Enhanced Mode”-function or at least the high clock speeds in EM featured on our two test cards. At present, cards based on the ATI have very scarce accessory packs at that. The heatsinks are gwforce4 both on the memory modules and on the back side of the PCB.

John Carmack at id Software really knows how to optimize a game engine. Gainwaard just hope it won’t cost an arm and a leg.

The added AGP8x boosts up their performance a little we could see that herebut does it makes sense to pay so much attention to these old-new solutions? All video cards ship in the retail packages.