I basically got sick of carrying around the nx in my bag, with all my course books, so decided to bite the bullet on a lighter, more compact notebook. Discussion in ‘ HP ‘ started by marmion , Jul 11, Wake up and be compliant, no offence meant. Hi, I hope i aint dreaming but do u mind uploading a picture of that slot? Similar Threads – Compaq p Full.

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They do it to give the lappy gp cheaply for internet connectivity on their network, but they make sure you can only use it on their own network, just like our dear mtn will always do. It is shipping out of Indiana and I am located in Florida, so I should have it by the middle of next week.

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I myself have the 8-cell travel battery which came originally with my nx Similar Threads – Compaq p Full. Press in gently on the existing SIM card, then release it to partially eject it. The actual size of the keys appears bigger than the nx, although this is because of the differing angles of tapering.

The p also includes a track point, but I have not played around with that since the last time I used a track point was about 12 years ago on a real old IBM.

When the fan does spin up, it is barely audible. CeeNoteJul 11, Downloading updates from HP resulted in download speeds at the maximum our line offers, whilst the nx only manages half that speed. Thanks for the review! View of the bottom The screen The screen is much better than my nx Slide the battery back into the battery bay until both the release latch and the locking latch spot.


Andrew Tennyson has been writing about culture, technology, health and a variety of other subjects since I wanted all the features of the nx in a smaller and lighter notebook, and the p fits the bill, being cheaper than the previous ncs, as well as the Lenovo Thinkpad T61 and Dell Latitude D Turn on the P and wait for the Windows 8.

Slip the battery out of the battery bay to reveal the SIM card slot. The hard drive at maximum performance and idle in NHC is 39C.

How to Use a SIM Card in an HP 6910

Shut off the computer, unplug its power cable and disconnect all peripheral devices from its ports. You must take the battery out before inserting the SIM card, which prevents any possibility of it being knocked out.

Both latches are found on the bottom of the laptop just in from the battery. Grip it gently and slide it out of the SIM card slot the remainder of the way. Hello guys, I ink the issue right now should be on how one can unlock the bared laptop sim card slot just like that of 3G MTN, GLO and other modems started.


The laptop and included DVDs and manual Design and Build The screen casing is a magnesium alloy, making it lighter and stronger than the cheaper b. What do you think about that LOL.

How to Use a SIM Card in an HP | It Still Works

The keyboard is generally warm, but not anywhere near hot or as bad as my nx jp get. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Sound The p, like the nc has two speakers on the front right of the notebook. Since the packaging included the 32bit version only, I decided it would be hl good idea to stick with the 32bit version as well, since I was going to do a fresh install later anyway.

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Slower than M GS. In-built 3G bradband modem Sim Slot.

How can i use the sim card slot for my HP compaq 6910p laptop??

Using the wireless, surfing the net I got around 3 hours 15 minutes. Our router is situated downstairs. Pushing the lid results in no LCD distortion, which is a change from the nx