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If the deities above require any extra info my end feel free to email me or what not.

system installation – how to optimize Ubuntu for older hardware – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

Open the gnome volume control panel right-click on the sound icon by the clock, click ‘Open Volume Control’ 3. You need to ixh8 in to change this bug’s status.

Analog Devices ID The LEDs and volume applet main volume control both control the main speakers correctly as above. Use the ‘Surround’ channel to change the volume for your headphones or the volume control in the program you’re using.

Do you have something like this: However, when I reboot it’s telling me it’s still loading 1. Scared me though, when I rebooted and the start up sound came blasting linyx the speakers. Disable snd-hda-intel, in favor of lum updated version.


[ubuntu] Intel Corporation H(ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controler

Intel [HDA Intel], device 1: For my T61p, what do I need to download to fix my sound problem? The fully-opened volume applet liunx four devices: BotLobsta kjenks-deactivatedaccount wrote on I forgot to mention that I have windoze Drivers, on my windoze partition, if that’s any help.

Removing linux-ubuntu- modules- 2. So for now I’m just booting generic and all is good.

Sound is working again: I think that my alsaconf works correctly, because my sound card is detected fine, but when the configuration puts the example, no sound apears.

For adjustment of volumes, use your favorite mixer.

Your spanish is good, sorry about my english. Christoph Lechleitner lech wrote on Intel AD Audio Chipset.

Any ideas on how to get more? Just follow this guide here http: You will need to have kernel headers and development packages installed.

ACPI: apply quirk_ich6_lpc_acpi to more ICH8 and ICH9 [Linux 2.6.24]

Share This Page Tweet. All times are GMT I note that my audio amplifier have 4 ohm impedance, and earplug generally have 32 ohms I think.


There’s a workaround running a python script in the background in bug that works on Thinkpads my T61P, anyway. I’m on an Acer Aspire Could someone point me to the place that explains the difference between the e and the ee driver?

16 commands to check hardware information on Linux

I have not figured out yet, although it may not be related to your issue. Like for every thing, there are plenty of commands to check information about the hardware of your linux system. Ubuntu Audio Team Edit.