And thank you very much for kind help offer bilditup1: I really wanted a LiteOn blu-ray drive, but sigh. When i try to do a quality scan of cd-r: Did you find a drive yet? So here we have it.

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Sent this back and now ill just go to the store and hopefully get a device that works Score another one for OutletPC!!

Can you help me? At least i wont have to wait days for a turn-around in case it doesn’t. Replaced a 10 year old drive. Here are few pics if someone wants to try and spot any cosmetic differencies within the E UV vs.

That said, you should get an E or F drive these days. So here we have it. So that would work just great for disk quality scans, and maybe if im lucky it might handle backups with payload tool too, no big deal if it doesnt. Using dual-layer burning, you’ll be able to store 8. I may have gotten that backwards, but the ihas124-4 is still the same.


Lite-On iHAS124-04 24x SATA DVDRW DVD Burner Dual Layer

By OutletPC Shopper on With the info provided which drive would be the best? Unfortunately i built a unique system and the mobo only supports sata. Maybe 2MB buffer, or not. Did you find a drive yet?

Internal DVD Drive

Yes, Windows XP will have native drivers for this optical drive. For these drives Burnermax is at least enabled: Long time reader, first time poster. So they work nicely to my purpose. Havent seen any reports of the F revision yet, which might be replacing E, concerning about burnermax payload tool. Too bad i dont know ihsa124-04 was the last revision, was it W?

They also told they can order an ihas for me, but no idea on the revision. I have used lite-on products for years and all of my ide – devices still work. Does ihas E support burning backups with the payload tool?

GENERAL iHAS wu able to burn XGD3 ? the only posts I found where over a year old?

Got this as a replacement for a worn-out DVD drive on my Dell desktop, and it installed extremely easily and works like a champ. And needing help naturally. Jhas124-04 if i ever wanted to make a copy of a game using the payload tool i know A, Y and W: Revisions that seemingly coexisted or overlapped are listed together. Not sure about the uv charcaters but it should be ihas E revision, right? If E revision would work for backups, that would ihas124-004 the best.


No luck here in Europe. I’ll do business with OutletPC again. So going to try my luck with dvd-drives. I will deffinitely get the ihas EUV Then.

I installed the drive easily and it worked properly right out of the box. PIC Scanning of dvd: