The system does have knowledge of the NICs’ below existence though: But it cannot get a link. This is now working. I wish I knew what exactly was going on under the hood, but I’ll take the functionality for now. Intel Corporation Ethernet Server Adapter IT4 Aside from the device name being different no longer contains string “” , the string “[vmnicX]” is no longer appended to the end of the line. Mem 0xff – 0xff40ffff out of range on parent:

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Mem 0xff – 0xff40ffff out of range on parent: Intel Corporation Gigabit Network Connection [vmnic3] Just make a self post!

Submit a new link. We are about to bin this card and put in a new model Mem 0xff – 0xff88bfff out of range on parent: We have tried updating all the drivers, moving the card around on all three pci express slots and still no luck.

When this mode is disabled, it’ll just act as 4 NICs. Had lots of doubt when I got to the fourth and last slot without success, but ESXi finally “saw” the card and listed all of the vmnics on it.


VMware Compatibility Guide – I/O Device Search

Got a motherboard with an Intel EB onboard. What’s new in vSphere 6.

This is now working. The system does have knowledge of the NICs’ below existence though: Not sure what this does, but tried anyway.

IntelĀ® Ethernet Adapters Compatibility with VMware*

ESXi detects the card perfectly, and shows no errors, it’s online and green. Have a technical question? I’ve seen in one scenario where ezxi had one of these NICs in hardware pass-thru mode to pfSense and let that guest control the bypass mode operation, however this host lacks the hardware support in the CPU to do full pass-thru, so that isn’t an option.

Have you assigned the NIC to a vSwitch?

ESXi Network Speed Testing Realtek versus Intel EB | TinkerTry IT @ Home

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The VMware logo icon following a username indicates that this user is a VMware employee. Nov 14, Posts: Hi, Dont suppose you worked out what you did? Mem 0xff88c – 0xff88ffff out of range on parent: Mon Nov 21, Tue Nov 15, 3: I connect it to devices or to switches, and get no link at all.



I just recently upgraded to ESXi 5. But it cannot get a link. The software is supposed to ‘activate’ them when it is ready, but if not ready, the relays go into bypass inhel, and join the 2 ethernet connections together. Not sure if this the correct forum, but here I go. To get flair with your certification level send a picture of your certificate with your Reddit username in the picture to the moderators.

We have exactly the same problem with esx 5. Intel Corporation Gigabit Network Connection [vmnic0] Want to add to the discussion? Upgraded to ESXi 5. I don’t inel to downgrade to ESXi 4.