An automated system for creating, processing and generating videos comprises: Support system 11 that enables fixing the inner vessel 13 to the outer vessel 12 in two- layer vessel 10 systems, characterized in comprising at least one body 20 that is positioned between the inner vessel 13 and outer vessel 12 and that enables thermal insulation between them; at least two support ends 30 that are positioned on two sides of the body 20 , wherein one of the support ends is connected to the inner vessel support housing 15 formed on the outer side of the inner vessel 13 and the other support end is connected to the outer vessel support housing 19 formed on the inner side of the outer vessel In some implementations, natural language input is received as part of human- to-automated assistant dialog. The detection channel includes an illumination detector and a Fabry-Perot component. Further the arrangement comprises a service module comprising a camera configured to inspect the test zone a, b, c. The present invention relates to a use for prevention, alleviation, reduction, or treatment of various retinal diseases and, more particularly, to a compound having a preventive, alleviative, reductive or therapeutic effect on retinal disease or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, and a use related thereto.

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The invention relates to the manufacturing of thermal insulation materials with rigid structure, which have low density and low thermal conductivity. Knowing and controlling the wellbore flow performance characteristics is important for the optimization of the well startup also referred to as flowback or cleanup operations.

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The present invention provides a device for suppressing the emergence and spawning of a harmful insect, the device comprising: Provided are a method for a user equipment UE to perform access barring check in a wireless communication system, and an apparatus supporting the same. The technical result of the invention is to produce footwear that has a heel which can be collapsed into the sole. The sampling point and the point of measurement are connected by a pressure sampling tube in which a pressure wave of the sample gas can propagate from the sampling point to the point of measurement When in seafastened condition, a first retaining portion of the distal seafastening arrangement and a second retaining portion of the distal seafastening arrangement at the platform hull are mutually engaged in a position under the cantilever.

A top wall of the apparatus being provided with a fuel inlet, a fuel outlet, a coolant inlet, and a coolant outlet.

The invention provides a Diagonal Resonance DR mode for sound and ultrasound generation and reception. The present invention relates to a method of enrolling a fingerprint of a user’s fingerby means of a fingerprint detection arrangement The present invention is a fast heating device 10 developed for preventing cold operation of the engine during the first operation of the engine and comprising a body 20 ; a chamber 21 embodied on said body 20 ; a cover 50 positioned on the body 20 ; a heater 30 passing through at least one cover heater housing 51 embodied on the cover 50 and heating the liquid passing through the chamber 21characterized by comprising at least one fin 40 placed into the chamber 21 and which contacts at least one heater 30 and which shortens the heating duration of the liquid by providing wider contact surface and which eliminate the risk of boiling caused by overhating.


The present invention relates to a composition for forming an environmentally friendly polyurethane foam, the composition having improved storage stability, air permeability, and anti-oxidation characteristics and to a method for manufacturing a polyurethane foam and, more specifically, to an isocyanate pre-polymer prepared by reaction of a polyisocyanate and a polyol component comprising a bio-polyol, to a composition for forming an environmentally friendly polyurethane foam, the composition having improved storage stability, air permeability, and anti-oxidative characteristics by comprising the pre-polymer as one component, to a method for manufacturing a polyurethane foam using the same, and to an environmentally friendly polyurethane foam manufactured thereby.

The third portion is multiplexed in the frequency domain with the second portion. Further, the Fabry-Perot component can be actuatable such that the Fabry- Perot component is operable to pass a plurality of narrow spectrums of wavelengths to the illumination detector. A hydroelectric plant comprising concentric inner pipe and outer pipean air flow channel allowing air flow between these pipesand floodgate pipes with water flow channels where the water flow is allowed through the inner pipean air supply block with a multitude of air inlet vents which supply air to the mentioned air flow channel and a multitude of water impact paddles upon which the water flowing out of the floodgate pipes by means of the air supply is impacted.

The present application relates to a method for producing D-psicose, the method comprising the steps of: The document also discloses an agricultural implement comprising such a distributor and a method for distributing granular or powdered material.

The present invention is a rotogravure assembly comprising a first cell 10 formed by hollowing onto a press cylinder 1 by means of laser in a manner forming a pre-defined press pattern; at least one second cell 30 which is adjacent to the first cell 10 and a channel 20 providing connection in a manner providing dye flow between the first cell 10 and the second cell An insect trap according to one embodiment of the present invention comprises: We currently do not recognise that part number but we can try and find the product for you.

The signal is captured by the first device and the one or more selected second devices connect to the first device. Specifically, a method for processing an image on the basis of an intra prediction mode may comprise the steps of: The invention relates to portable incubation device ;rinter a device housing 14 accommodating an incubation chamber housing 3 defining an incubation chamber 9 with an opening 4 together with a feed system 1 and a temperature control system of the heating printwr 2characterised in that in the incubation chamber 9 there is at least one heating system 6 comprising at least one heating module 7preferably two, wherein on the heating system 6 there is a supported a frame 10 supporting a culturing dish 11and wherein the temperature control system of the heating module 2 provides continuous real time regulation of the desired incubation temperature in the incubation chamber 9.


Kyocera FS-2000D Advanced Operation Manual: Ib-21e/ib-30 Network Interface Cards

The present invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition containing a sesquiterpene derivative or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof as an active ingredient for the prevention or treatment of muscle diseases. Based on the mode, an RF power level defined for the mode is determined. Printter keyboard includes a first group of keys, which includes keys that are to be individually recognized when pressed simultaneously j/f at least one other key of the first group.

While, the important part for gene expression in non-induction plasmid vector is GAP promoter which is a non-inducible promoter isolated from O.

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The present invention relates to an economical container comprising: The transmitter determines a number of symbols to use for the reference signals that are to be transmitted to the receiver using one or more transmitter beams based on information indicating a time period needed for performing the measurements based on the reference signals comprised in symbols received in the one or more receiver beams at the receiver WIPO translate Wipo internal translation tool.

The lithium secondary battery has lithium metal formed while blocked from the atmosphere. The upper and lower limits of the norm for each parameter are determined.

Said DR mode typically has lower resonance frequency than conventional longitudinal and transverse width modes but high TVR and can be combined or coupled with said two driving modes to make broadband to extra-broadband sonic and ultrasonic transducers. The first inner eccentric mass is rotatably connected to the outer eccentric mass by a first joint, and the second inner eccentric mass is rotatably connected to the outer eccentric mass by a second joint.

The positive electrode includes: The present invention further proposes a method for production thereof. The container comprises a receptacle having at least one side wall and a bottom surface defining an internal volume; a cap on a top surface of the receptacle; and a tube connected to the cap and defining a fluid kyocrea between the internal volume and the cap, wherein the receptacle comprises a protrusion that is provided, at least partially, in the bottom surface, and that extends into the internal volume, defining a bottom feed region between the protrusion and a side wall and wherein the tube extends at least partially in the feed region.