Having trouble installing a piece of hardware? Regarding manually creating a connection, I don’t have a Network Manager menu, but I created a connection this way: When the restricted driver module seems to have appeared. Any chance of someone helping us new linux users by writing a step by step kids book about installing this PCMCIA card? The point that confused me is that the good card has a small label on the back that identifies it as a “v2. Can somebody please point me in the right direction, or possibly email me the file for testing purposes?

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Please run the command – Code:. Here is a bugzilla report. Page History Login to edit. I followed the ijf from http: The time now is Also try saving the network configuration in Network Manager by manually creating a connection there as follows: Ben Collins ben-collins wrote on Got a WG netgear wireless card. The card uses an Atheros chipset.

The keyboard keys may also start to repeat as you type, making it very hard to actually use the computer for anything. Okay, so here are the error messages that get printed when I do “modprobe prism54”:. MAC security filtering works.


Follow instructions at https: The driver is not easily accessible on the CD but the WG driver works as it is the same chipset. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. Dan White ubuntu-danwhite wrote on The newest bad card that you’ll likely run into at a retailer is also labeled as “v2”, but it has a black antenna and has the “v2” label on both the front of the card and the back. I also tried connecting with WPA2 security removed from the router. Then I have to run dhcpcd again.

So at least for now, it is best to keep it unplugged when trying to connect to the wireless network.

NetGear WGT g Wireless PC Card Review – Phoronix

I am trying to use this card on a Dell Inspiron loaded with Mandrake Karmic plug n play. I’m sure I’m typing the correct key, I have other wireless devices that connect to this network.

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Works with ndiswrapper and mav2. Yes works out of the box on Dapper 6. This website has a program that will install the original driver for you but the free version is only a trial. Does lknux have an idea as to what happened to prism This usually happens linyx you aren’t currently in range of your access point when you bring up the card, or if you’re trying to set up an ad-hoc network and another machine with the same ESSID isn’t around.


WG511T – 108 Mbps Wireless PC Card

Instead a set of default settings appear and have to be reset using iwconfig. Please provide dmesg output. After entering the password, it seems imf try to connect, but after about a half minute, asks for the password again. I am using Debian stable, sarge running the 2.

Hi, My previous post about the WG got cut off. No problem installing, I had to reboot the first time! All times are GMT