Login or Sign Up. Real Serial Ports on Laptops have all but gone, there are few laptops left that have a true DB9 serial port. There are terribly high levels of EM noise generated by an automobile. The Megasquirt serial port. As shown here this indicates the computer serial end is working ok. Please see our article on serial port connectivity for information on connecting to your MegaSquirt ECU using your computer’s built-in serial port.

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They float usb to share, original serial is fifo first in first out, no collisions ever usb should be fixed on anything past If test A passes but test C fails. Real Serial Ports on Laptops have all but gone, there are few laptops left that have a uzb DB9 serial port.

Also be sure the drivers are correctly installed before attempting to adjust any settings.

Hard for the average person to know what is compatible and what is not. However, look the substantial difference in the signal voltage: Megatuje I want to keep RS to talk to another module but thought I’d drop this here in case someone wants to look in to it Unfortunately, that adapter is now dead and I can’t make more checks.


I found one driver that claimed it was good for windows 10, but when I installed it, it said that I needed a 64 Bit compatible version Please see our article on serial port connectivity for directions on configuring a built-in serial port.

Additional Navigation menu options, i. All you have to do is reduce that certain value from driver settings as Tunerstudio guide says and you are set. Double check the COM port and baud rate.

Don’t plan to use BT for tuning just dashboard gauge display. For some reason, the adapter doesn’t work with a 3 or 4 wire connection only.


This performs a “loopback” test where the serial signal should go out from the computer, through the short and back into the computer again. Any characters you type into the top window should be quite literaly “looped back” to the bottom window. Actually, you already asked this question. CPU socket serial loopback test.

Just ordered one with BT so hopefully that solves sub issue. I don’t understand why the RS chip on the module would not behave the same as the one on the V3.

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Click the Windows Start button in the lower left corner of your screen. MS2-Extra Serial connection setup. For Vista, click the Start button and go to the Control Panel.


You have injectors turning on and off, alternators running and coils firing, ohh the coils The next step is loading the firmware to your MS2. Valid signals are plus or minus 3 to 15 volts.

Megasquirt Downloads Firmware and Software – Megasquirt EFI

Connected straight away to my Microsquirt. On a side note but along same topic, this USB-serial interface does not seem to work with my Android tablet. Firmware serial comms test Note! Looking at a emgatune around this problem including going with a Bluetooth connection which is another learning curve for me.

I power mine off the lighter to avoid the dropout. I’ve always plugged the adapter right into the MegaSquirt and ran a USB extension cord to the laptop. So it needed a high signal to noise ratio for assured delivery.